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Step- By- Step Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

In this post I have tried to capture all the steps involved in Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

  1. Provision a Virtual Machine for Image
  2. Image Preparation (Teams, FSLogix & Optimization)
  3. Shared Image Gallery
  4. Image versioning
  5. Creating a Host Pool
  6. Managing User assignments
  7. Monitoring
  8. GPO Configuration

Provision a Virtual Machine for Image

Configuring Image

Teams Optimzation

Microsoft Teams on Windows Virtual Desktop supports chat and collaboration. With media optimizations, it also supports calling and meeting functionality. To learn more about Microsoft Teams in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments, see Teams for Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure.

AV Redirection with media optimization (WebRTC) client for Microsoft Teams is now available for the Windows Desktop on Windows 10 machines.

Key benefits of this new Teams WebRTC optimizations are:

  • High-performance peer-to-peer streaming facilitated by WebRTC – as listed below traffic will flow p2p and rendered via the endpoint
  • Devices will be redirected as same hardware device – better hardware redirection support
  • On Windows 10 clients, all the benefits of the modern media stack including HW video decoding
  • Support for Windows 10 single and multi-session in conjunction with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Media optimization for Microsoft Teams is only available for the Windows Desktop client on Windows 10 machines. Media optimizations require Windows Desktop client version 1.2.1026.0 or later

Create the following registry key in the image


Name: IsWVDEnvironment


Value: 1

Download links below….

Install Teams App

Run this command to install

Teams_windows_x64.msi /l*v ALLUSERS=1 ALLUSER=1

Validate the installation

Install the WebRTC – Teams WebSocket Optimizations client in your WVD image

Note: When you run into installation issues, please make sure to install the latest Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable below and try the WebRTC installation again.

Desktop Optimization Tool

The (Windows) Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool disables services in the operating system that you most likely won’t need for your Windows Virtual Desktop session host.

For more details refer

In this example I have disabled few services and tested the tool. Please follow the steps below remember to Edit the JSON file before running the script

As you can see the services are getting disabled
Reboot to take effect

Optional Image Optimization

FSLogix Installation

To Download FSLOGIX

Run the FSLogix AppSetup

Shared Image Gallery

Sysprep Image

In the below option you can either choose Share image to Shared Image Gallery or No. IN this example I am selecting Yes, Share it to a gallery as an Image version as in the previous step I have created the shared image gallery.

Create a image definition as requried

Versioning of the image, End life date, Replicas count

Creating Host Pool

Validation host pool allows you to test service changes before they are deployed to production. In this example since I am using this for demo I have selected YES

For more details

Hostpool Type

• Breadth-first load balancing allows to evenly distribute user sessions across the session hosts in a host pool.
• Depth-first load balancing allows you to saturate a session host with user sessions in a host pool. Once the first session reaches its session limit threshold, the load balancer directs any new user connections to the next session host in the host pool until it reaches its limit, and so on.

In this post I have chosen Bread first Type

For more details refer

Next step is to select number of virtual machine,Size and the image.

Here choose the image which we have created earlier and added in the shared image gallery as shown below

I have mentioned an OU where there are no policies which can affect my deployment related to proxy or etc… So once the deployment is successful we can move the objects to respective OU with the polices

It depends on your environment and policies!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEPLOYMENT IS COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!

If the deployment fails in Join Domain or DSC extension. Check for the error and take the necessary actions to remediate

If you face any problem in deployment comment in this page!!



Change friendly name of host pool and desktop

Custom RDP Properties

TO be continued!! Watch this page for more updates

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