In this post, I will be sharing the steps to create a new application gateway with multiple site hosting.

In this I have used WAF V2 as tier.

NOTE: The Standard_v2 and WAF_v2 tiers support availability zones. Changing from the WAF_v2 tier to the Standard_v2 tier is not supported

Application Gateway has two versions of the WAF sku: Application Gateway WAF_v1 and Application Gateway WAF_v2. WAF policy associations are only supported for the Application Gateway WAF_v2 sku.

To know more about WAF on Application gateway see waf on appgw

I want to demonstrate public access of 2 webservers so I have used frontend IP address as public

Atleast one Backend pool must be created.

Add a routing rule for the backend pool and select the desired backend targets, This will be a link to the frontend and backend . Also in the routing rule listener type select multisite and type as single or multiwildcard depending on your requirement. I this I have selected Multisite and single.

Validate the settings and hit create

Application gateway is created.


Creating a additional Backend pool

Second Backend pool

Backend Setting



RULE Mapping

After this remember to update the necessary DNS records in your provider, now its time to test the application gateway configuration.

So now lets hit both the below URLS &

You could also check the pool’s health from here!

you could also download the topology from the insights.

Detailed metrics for analysing the health and usage

in my next post we will cover more details about the policies! Stay healthy and keep learning!!