I got some recent questions on how do I manage using multiple azure accounts with a single browser. If you are have a similar query who will be accessing multiple azure accounts day in and out and its really hard to use different browsers, one in normal mode and other one with incognito/private mode turned on.

For this you I have two solutions one is with Edge profiles and other one is using Mozilla Firefox add on method. My personal choice is Firefox because of the availability of history whereas in edge you don’t have this in edge.


Download & install Mozilla Firefox browser

Install the add on mentioned and after which you will see a below extension

Multi-Account Containers helps you keep all the parts of your online life contained in different tabs. Custom labels and colour-coded tabs help keep different activities

Start creating a new containers

Open a new browser and choose the container you want to access.

With this you can keep adding more containers and access the accounts separately 🙂

Share your thoughts and please comment if you have some other option like this!