Join Domain Failed

Incase if you face issue while domain joining stating join domain failed, This could be of any reasons such as.

  1. Domain is not reachable from Session host
  2. Username and password incorrect
  3. Insufficient permission for the ID used.

When you face this issue, to isolate the problem login to session host and try to domain join the machine and see if you are getting the prompt for credential. “DO NOT domain join manually” This will help to isolate if the problem is related to network or credentials.

Next from a different machine try to add the machine to domain with the desired domain and OU path to see if the credential are valid.

With this 2 test you can go ahead with the steps below to deploy


First go to the extensions from the session host and uninstall the JoinDomain extension

Next click on redeploy from the deployment, You can find the deployments in the resource group

Enter the below details.

Hostpool Token( Refer this link to generate token WVD-Add Session host to Existing Pool – Tech Genius)


OU path(Optional)

Validate the details, Agree and purchase.

Now the JoinDomain is completed successfully

I will keep editing the post with more failures!!

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