In Our earlier posts below we discussed on how to create a new session host . In this post lets see how to add new session hosts to existing pool.

Step- By- Step Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment – Tech Genius

First navigate to windows virtual desktop–>your host pool,

Here I am choosing the host pool which I have created in previous section

First step is to generate registration key as shown below


Set a expiration date and time for the keys,

You can download this key

Next, click on session hosts under Host pool and click on ADD Session Host

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Basics can’t be changed, Except validation environment settings

In this VM tab, Enter the additional number of session host required.

New VM deployment to existing host pool is completed succesflly!

When you click on the vm creation linked template, you will see the below details in that,

There are chances of failure in JoinDomain and dsc extension steps.

Join domain can fail, If the User id used to domain join has insufficient permissions or OU path is wrong or DC couldn’t be reached etc.. If the domain join fails we get fairly a very basic error domain joining failed.

We have to troubleshoot the issue and re run the deployment. I will try to add another posts with the troubleshooting steps. Thank you!!

Now I have the new session hosts added,

To enable WVD Diagnostics Please see below,

Enable WVD Diagnostics – Tech Genius