If you want to deploy System centre orchestrator in a Multi tenant environment, Please follow this approach. It works great.

There are cases where a organization can have multi domains, But the Administrators need to work from a single domain. In this case its difficult to automate multiple domains by having a separate system centre orchestrator setup. You may think of having separate runbooks in individual domain, So in real time you cant have a runbook deployed if there is no trust between these domains. So follow this method and you can make runbook worker without event domain trust

In this below example, If you see to manage different domains I need to have separate orchestrator setup to Manage. Lets see how to simplify the architecture.

To download the latest IP’s for Orchestrator, List of Integration Packs for Orchestrator



Download the Integration Packs from the above link,

Install 7 Zip https://www.7-zip.org/download.html

Extract the required OIP using 7 zip as shown below

After you install the runbook server in the domain 2, You need to run the msi file as shown below. The same can be validated in the all programs.

Please note, If there is no trust between the domains, you cannot register or deploy the IP. So with this method you can deploy and run the runbooks to a different domain runbook workers

So with this method your architecture will look like this!! Happy Automating!

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